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By | December 10, 2016

As a web developer, most of the time I come across cool stuff (technology-wise) once I’m surfing the web and I’m always wondering, what kind of framework, library or technology has been used for their development.

I used to go with old school methods like viewing the website’s source code or inspecting elements (through dev tools) in my browser to grasp the libs and frameworks used in the web page. But you know, it takes time and thought, sometimes the code doesn’t make much sense and for some libraries about which we know almost nothing , it gets tricky to realize how things are working in the page.

In this post, I’m goint to introduce some handy tools I’ve found to detect tech stuff quickly with actually no effort.

One of my favorite tech detectors is Wappalyzer, which is actually an add-on for Chrome, Firefox and Opera browsers. You just need to simply install the add-on and that’s it! Once you’re surfing the web it’s going to show you all the detected technologies through icons in your address bar.If you click on the icons, it shows a full list of the used stuff. It can detect the server-side tech stacks/platforms, web servers, even the CMS used, and all the JavaScript libraries. If you’re wondering about any of them you can see a brief introduction to the tech in the Wappalyzer website (by clicking on tech name in the list) and go to the official website of the pertinent technology.




Builtwith is another cool  web-base tech detector I normally use. All what you need to do is to put the URL in and see the result. It shows much more details about the hosting, and server-side aspects.




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